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Reaction from the Kawasaki riders in Jerez

Reaction from the Kawasaki riders in Jerez

Reaction from the Kawasaki riders in Jerez

Shinya Nakano: "We don't know what the weather is going to do tomorrow, so I tried to get as much track time in as I could today. Our main concern at this time is that the bike wants to wheelie and spin up the rear tyre when you get on the gas out of the turns, and solving this problem is our number one priority at the moment. Today we tried some changes to the chassis geometry and the engine but, while there was a slight improvement overall, we still need to do some more work in this area.

"During the Barcelona test I struggled to find a tyre I was happy with, but Bridgestone have brought two new tyres to Jerez and I think my lap times today are a good indication of how well they work around this circuit. I am happy with the progress we've made in the short time we've had this afternoon and, if the weather holds for tomorrow, I am confident that we'll see further improvements to both the bike and the lap times."

Alex Hofmann: "We've been a little bit lucky with the weather today, as it looked like we were going to have a repeat of the Barcelona test when we arrived to find a very wet circuit this morning. We eventually took to the track around lunchtime, which meant we were kept busy trying to complete the test schedule we had planned for today.

"Conditions weren't exactly perfect for the first couple of sessions this afternoon, but as the track dried out we were able to start increasing the pace and refining the set up of the bike to suit the circuit. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with what we've achieved today; the bike works well around here and, after just 49 laps, we've already managed to improve on my best race time from last year by over 1.5 seconds. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us tomorrow, as this will be the last chance we get to test before we head off to Welkom for the first race of the season."

MotoGP, 2004, Kawasaki Racing Team

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