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Rolfo in better spirits after Catalunya disappointment

Rolfo in better spirits after Catalunya disappointment

Rolfo in better spirits after Catalunya disappointment

Roby Rolfo has revealed that he is much happier with the set-up of his Honda RSW after the latest batch of tests at the Jerez circuit in Spain. The Italian rider had ended the previous session at Catalunya, his second with the new version of the machine, in angry and disappointed mood after concluding that the bike was not built to his characteristics and was more suited to his fellow factory riders of smaller physique.

"I am suffering from a bad position on the bike and I cannot push as I want in the fast corners because I cannot find the right feeling," said Rolfo at the time. "It's a pity because we received the new bike two weeks ago in the last unofficial test at Valencia and my first sensation was that the bike would have to come back with the right measurements for me because it was too small."

Rolfo, who ended the Catalunya sessions complaining that the new machine forced him to take up a position which sent his legs to sleep after just a few laps, added: "Now we have worked to find a better setting for me and a better position on the bike but it is really difficult because the bike is lower than last year. I am also losing on top speed because my shoulders are completely outside the fairing."

The Italian added that he was particularly insulted considering the amount of effort he had put into developing the bike in 2003, when he scored points at every round and fought for the title until the final race.

"This is strange because last year I improved the bike, I developed the bike and… nothing, now it's not for my position, it's not for my measurements. It's strange because we must start another time from a bad place and try to get the best. Sure, I will fight for the best position in the first race and all the team will fight to do this but we need more help, for sure, because the time is not so much."

Rolfo's cry for help was seemingly answered in Jerez, where he reported a much better feeling and renewed optimism ahead of the first race at South Africa on April 18th. "We've been able to do some things that have helped to sort out the position of the bike so I'm a lot happier," he said.

"We're going to Valencia on Thursday and Friday so that will give me more time to improve before we go to Welkom. We still have a lot of work ahead because we are still not fast enough, you only have to look at De Puniet's lap times on the Aprilia to see that, but I am feeling better about things already."

250cc, 2004

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