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Reaction from Jerez: Suzuki

Reaction from Jerez: Suzuki

Reaction from Jerez: Suzuki

Kenny Roberts: "We were limited on time with only half a day of dry track time yesterday (Wednesday). But you can always learn something and one thing we learned was that our bike is not too finicky to set up. We were able to set competitive lap times as quickly as the other guys.

"We had some more things we wanted to try after the Barcelona tests and we made some positive progress. Running on full race tyres, our times are pretty close to the top bikes.

"As far as the wet conditions go, I made one run and the bike and the tyres had a good feeling. The lap time was competitive so we basically called it a test and packed the crates. Now we're looking forward to South Africa."

John Hopkins: "I could have done with some more track time with the season coming up, but the weather thought otherwise at both the tracks. All the same, I was able to get familiar with the bike and the tyres and to find out for myself that the improvements the team had spoken about in earlier tests works for me too.

"Like I said in Barcelona, one big thing is that you don't have to chase around trying different settings. The bike works pretty good out of the box and the Bridgestone tyres suit it well, so I've been able to work on my own fitness and feeling instead of worrying about what to change next.

"My ankles are holding up pretty good - no problems. They'll be better still in two weeks for the South African GP."

MotoGP, 2004

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