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Dani Pedrosa on finishing second quickest in Jerez

Dani Pedrosa on finishing second quickest in Jerez

Dani Pedrosa on finishing second quickest in Jerez

I´m very happy at the moment, most importantly because I'm getting on with the team. Things are progressing bit by bit with the bike, and we're getting quicker too. The last day of the test in Jerez though we had a crash, and it was my first in 250. I have to say that it was a little hard! I tumbled over a few times, and it was in a fast area of the track. Luckily nothing serious happened, my old injuries weren't aggravated, and the bike was okay too and could be repaired okay.

We're pushing everything though, and there was only one rider ahead of us in Jerez which is De Puniet, who was one second faster than us. It's true that three riders from the front were away testing elsewhere, but it's still an important result. In terms of speeds I didn't get chance to compare the Honda to the Aprilia, I didn't catch up with De Puniet on track any time, and of course I'm still getting used to the 250. For me having from 125 the bike is obviously much faster.

There are some riders saying that the bike is small, but to be honest I'm finding the bike a little big! I suppose it is normal for the first time on this machine for me having come from the 125. Yes, the bike is smaller than last year. It's more compact and for me that's better.

I am going well already on the 250 yes. But the truth is that I've just been so excited to get on the bike, having been away from the tests for a lot of it. The thing is though I've been spending all winter making myself ready for this challenge, and perhaps it's showing on track.

250cc, 2004, Dani Pedrosa

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