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Crivillé laments Cobas loss

Crivillé laments Cobas loss

Crivillé laments Cobas loss

Alex Criville today paid tribute to the revered technician Antonio Cobas, who passed away on Wednesday morning after a battle against cancer. The former 500cc World Champion enjoyed a close relationship with his fellow Spaniard ever since riding his JJ Cobas machine to the 125cc World Championship title in 1989, and won his first premier-class race, at Assen in 1992, under Cobas' close guidance.

"It is a great loss – both on a personal level and for what he meant to the world of motorcycling," commented Criville. "He basically won me my first title in 125cc. The thing that stood out most about Antonio was his talent – he was an inventor. He was always coming up with new and imaginative things and, best of all, they would always work. I had blind faith in him.

"He was a great engineer – one of the most highly respected technicians in the world, although maybe the Japanese at times didn't quite catch on to his genius because they are so regimented in the way they work. I worked with him for a second time in 500cc as part of Sito's team and I learnt so much from him - things that I would use to my advantage later in my career.

"One of my last memories of him was a meal we had together in Barcelona at Christmas, with Antonio, Sito, Manolo Burillo and Alberto Puig. Antonio was already very ill and it was an emotional night. His death seems so unfair but it is something we just have to deal with".


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