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Kenny Roberts: "The guys did a good job"

Kenny Roberts: 'The guys did a good job'

Kenny Roberts: "The guys did a good job"

Reaction from Welkom: Suzuki

Kenny Roberts: "All in all, the tyres feel good, the bike feels good, and the settings from our Jerez and Barcelona tests have transferred over nicely. Basically we have two types of race tyre; one that is pretty critical whether it will go race distance, and one that we know will go the distance but will need a better bike setting. Our biggest issue is finding out which to use then going from there.

"If we go with the harder tyre, we are going to have to make a setting to compensate for the less grip. There's things we're struggling with - the altitude, for performance of the engine and some engine braking going into the corners. This track is a little bit tough for that, so I'm sure everybody has the same feelings.

"The guys did a good job getting the most out of the settings today. There was a few times when we hit a wall and they came up with something that helped out tremendously each time. This team deserves good finishes - we have a good bunch of guys here trying as hard as they can."

John Hopkins: "Today went really well, though I was unable to get the lap time I wanted. One bike felt good and I was riding hard, but the lap time wasn't coming. Then that motor stopped running right and I switched to the other bike, which had a different rear suspension link that made a big difference in the right direction.

We had some shifting problems that we fixed easily, but the little glitches meant I didn't get the longer runs on the track I wanted. At the end, I put on a qualifying tyre and got behind Loris Capirossi for a fast lap . but I guess he'd already set his time and he was spinning up everywhere and he slowed me up.

"He was the wrong guy to follow at that time! But it meant my best time came on race tyres and we can definitely make up time on that. I'll give it a full go tomorrow."


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