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Kenny Roberts Sr: "We knew this would be our worst race"

Kenny Roberts Sr: 'We knew this would be our worst race'

Kenny Roberts Sr: "We knew this would be our worst race"

Reaction from Proton Team KR after the second day at Welkom:

Kenny Roberts (Team Principal): "We knew this would be our worst race, because we're not ready yet – and considering that,we are sort of upbeat. I thought we would be way off, but in fact we're not that far. Nobu really put it all together, and today wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday. We expect to go forward from this point on, so we're not committing hara-kiri yet."

Nobuatsu Aoki: "I knew today that for sure I had to do something big to improve the lap time. I am happy that we have bettered the time set on Dunlop tyres here last year, although that was on a different motorcycle. At least there is that improvement. Today I saw little improvements both in the bike and the tyres, and we have a couple of things to change for tomorrow.

"One is to use different steering triple clamps to change the geometry, and to improve the overall balance of the bike. I might have gone faster today, but I had problems on my last fast lap on the soft qualifying tyres. I got a big head-shake over the bumps of the first section of the track, and it must have spread the brake calipers. When I went for the brakes the lever came back almost to the bar, and I ran off the track. Luckily I didn't fall."


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