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Controversy between Elias and Nieto

Controversy between Elias and Nieto

Controversy between Elias and Nieto

The exciting climax to the 250cc race at Welkom last Sunday sparked controversial scenes in the privacy of the team boxes, with Toni Elias accusing Fonsi Nieto of foul play after they battled to the line for seventh place. Nieto finally won out by a clear gap of over four tenths of a second, but Elias was later reported by the Spanish press as claiming that his compatriot and former team-mate Nieto had elbowed him and reached for his brake lever as they charged towards the finish line after 26 gruelling laps of the Phakisa Freeway circuit.

Nieto's explanation was that is was all ‘part of racing', and that there was no malicious intent towards his fellow Spaniard – an excuse which Elias has seemingly accepted and promised not to discuss any further.

The incident is sure to add spice to an already crackling atmosphere ahead of the Gran Premio Marlboro de España at Jerez next week, when Elias and Nieto will battle for home glory with Welkom winner Dani Pedrosa.

Fortunately for fans at, it was caught by Roby Rolfo's onboard camera and you can now make your own mind up about what happened by enjoying our exclusive footage, available to subscribers by clicking the link at the top of the page.

250cc, 2004, Toni Elias, Pablo Nieto

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