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The Rossi effect at Yamaha and Honda

The Rossi effect at Yamaha and Honda

The Rossi effect at Yamaha and Honda

The winter move of reigning MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi from the Honda factory with which he won three titles to rivals Yamaha sent shockwaves through the sport and set up 2004 as one of the most eagerly awaited in history. With Rossi now gone from Honda and already winning races at Yamaha, HRC Sporting Manager Carlo Fiorani told how they were coping without the departed superstar, whilst Davide Brivio gave Yamaha's perspective of the arrival of one of the sport's now legendary characters.

"He has great charisma, and for a company it's a treasure to have a person like Valentino," began Fiorani. "We have some very talented riders, and are working hard to recover the loss of Valentino."

Meanwhile, Brivio lauded the arrival of his fellow Italian, saying: "We changed our approach to racing. Valentino gave great support in this and is helping in bringing his experience and winning spirit. It's kind of a great historical moment within Yamaha."

To hear both these interviews in full and view our feature on the effect of Rossi's move at the two factories, click on the link at the top of the page.

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