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Tyres tackle the wet at Jerez

Tyres tackle the wet at Jerez

Tyres tackle the wet at Jerez

The worst fears of the entire MotoGP paddock were realised this morning when the black clouds predicted by local weather forecasts appeared on the Andalusian horizon and dropped a cascade of water onto the Jerez circuit. Whilst the press, fans and VIP guests ran for cover, the teams and riders had to reschedule their plan of action for the morning sessions and work against the clock making the necessary provisions for the treacherously wet conditions.

In the tyre trucks it was ‘all hands on deck' as the engineers rushed to prepare as many wet tyres as possible for their MotoGP riders, with further bad weather predicted for the rest of the day and even for tomorrow's race.

Witness how the world's top rubber engineers get to work on the tread and balance of the MotoGP tyres with our exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Jerez this morning by clicking the link at the top of the page.


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