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MSMA to propose 900cc MotoGP limit

MSMA to propose 900cc MotoGP limit

MSMA to propose 900cc MotoGP limit

The Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers' Association (MSMA) have announced that they are planning to propose a technical rule change to the MotoGP World Championship which they will present for consideration by the Grand Prix commission, made up by representatives of Dorna, FIM, IRTA and the MSMA themselves.

The MSMA, which includes Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, MV Augusta, Suzuki and Yamaha, have unanimously decided that it is in the interest of rider safety to introduce a reduction in engine capacity of the MotoGP four-stroke prototype machines from 990cc to 900cc by 2007.

"The intention is not to reduce performance but to prevent a continuous improvement in speed and lap times," explained Takanao Tsubouchi, Secretary general of the MSMA.

The new generation Grand Prix machines are already set to conform to new limitations next season, when the maximum fuel tank capacity is set to be reduced from 24 litres to 22, with further reductions in the future already under discussion.

The MSMA has also proposed a new weight rule for 2007, which would see the minimum weight for MotoGP bikes increased slightly, depending as always on the number of cylinders.

The proposed weight limits are as follows:

2 cylinders: 133 kg
3 cylinders: 140.5 kg
4 cylinders: 148 kg
5 cylinders: 155.5 kg
6 cylinders: 163 kg

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