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De Puniet rejects pressure of home race

De Puniet rejects pressure of home race

De Puniet rejects pressure of home race

Randy De Puniet has insisted that he is not feeling under pressure despite heading for his home race this weekend leading the 250cc World Championship with an eight-point advantage over second place. After taking two second place finishes from the opening two races, De Puniet says he would like nothing more than to consolidate his series lead with a maiden home victory, but says the most important thing is to remain consistent between now and the end of the season.

"The main objective, as I keep reminding people, is to be the World Champion - if I can't win in Le Mans then I don't have to, I can be happy with second or third place," comments the Frenchman, who won three races last season. "The conditions have to be right, but I'm quite confident and I'll do my all to win."

"All the supporters will be there and be behind me, I hope not to let them down at all, as I said, I will do my utmost to make them happy."

De Puniet added that the Bugatti circuit is not ideally suited to 250cc racing but stressed his belief that whoever wants to win the title in what promises to be one of the closest seasons in years will have to be consistent at every round.

"It's not a very technical circuit, there's a lot of hard-braking and not too many bends that lead into one another, so it's a bit special but you have to make do with it," he says. "If you want to be World Champion then you have to be quick in all conditions and on all the tracks, so I'll be trying my best there."

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