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Proton KR V5 gets new birthday suit

Proton KR V5 gets new birthday suit

Proton KR V5 gets new birthday suit

One full racing season after the Proton KR V5 first turned a wheel at a racing circuit, the latest version of the maturing 990cc prototype appeared on track at the Le Mans circuit on Friday morning with a new look and a new sound.

The changed exhaust note is the result of revised engine firing order, whilst the new bodywork features a redesigned cowling which the team hope will improve performance in every area, including penetration, cooling and internal airflow.

"I came to realise that our original firing order was causing problems into the corner and in mid-corner speed, because there was too much back pressure from the engine braking," explained Team principal Kenny Roberts. "It made the slipper clutch too sensitive – we were always adjusting it. And it cost us time, especially as the race progressed.

"We changed the firing order without changing the crankshaft – only the camshafts, and the riders noticed the difference immediately. It's better into the turns, and easier to ride.

"It's still very new, though, and at this stage the engine power is no better and maybe not quite as good as the other firing order. That's probably something to do with the exhausts, and we're working on that." On the new bodywork, Roberts added: "To the naked eye, it looks much the same. But if you saw the old and new fairings side by side, you'd see differences. The development is in the detail."


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