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McWilliams denies jump start

McWilliams denies jump start

McWilliams denies jump start

Jeremy McWilliams has revealed his frustration at the jumpstart decision which made him the first rider to be punished by the new ‘ride through' penalty in Sunday's MotoGP race at Le Mans. The British rider was adjudged to have edged his Aprilia forward before the red lights went out at the start of the race and was told to pull in to pit-lane before returning to the track and continuing his charge towards his first points of the season.

"To be honest I think it was very unfair, there was no way I jumpstarted," commented McWilliams. "We can argue until we're blue in the face about this but at the very, very worse when I clicked it into gear it might have moved an inch and I don't class that as a jumpstart.

"I was lucky that not many people finished the race and I got some points out of it but it's not really the way I want to get points. Hopefully it'll not happen again."

McWilliams admitted that he was confused not only by the decision, but also by the instructions given to him when he was out on the track. "They have the jumpstart board right at the end of the pit-lane, going into the right hand turn and you're not looking right when you're trying to keep a 240 horsepower motorcycle on the track.

"Then I got the word from my pit board to come in and messed about for a lap thinking I was spilling oil or something, I didn't even realise it was a jumpstart.

"Of course, during a race I wasn't thinking about the meeting we had at the start of the season so I didn't even realise it was a ride through when I pulled in. Despite that, I think it's a good rule and not having to stop and start was definitely a help.

"At the end of the day, I got three points – it could have been four or five but points are points and I'll take them any way they come!"


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