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Dovizioso on top in another head-to-head with Locatelli

Dovizioso on top in another head-to-head with Locatelli

Dovizioso on top in another head-to-head with Locatelli

In Le Mans, Andrea Dovizioso and Roberto Locatelli replayed the cat and mouse battle they maintained at the opening round of the season at the Africa's GP. Just as in Welkom, the teenage Dovizioso overcame the veteran Locatelli on the very last lap of the race, in yet another display of maturity and talent from Italy's latest motorcycling sensation.

Dovizioso and Locatelli both kept an incredible pace up from the very start of the race, lapping in times of around 1.42, and eventually breaking away from the main group to run together at the front. They traded passes on each other at first, but soon the 29 year-old former 125 World Champion Locatelli took control at the front from the 17 year-old. Dovizioso stayed in touch, keeping right behind his compatriot, waiting for the right moment to attack. On more than one occasion, Locatelli invited the youngster to take the lead, using hand gestures to beckon him through and even remarkably turning and seemingly talking to Dovizioso.

The championship leader had other plans however, and was not about to succumb to his rival's appeals. He waited until the last lap of the race to launch an attack, and by that time, Locatelli didn't have time to react, even though Dovizioso made a slight mistake coming into the final double-apex left-hander. The young Forli-born rider took with him his second victory of the season, and extended his lead at the top of the standings in the 125 World Championship.

If you would like to relive this intriguing and exciting duel, click on the video link at the top of this page.

125cc, 2004, GRAND PRIX POLINI DE FRANCE, Roberto Locatelli, Andrea Dovizioso

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