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Debut win for Smart in BSB

Debut win for Smart in BSB

Debut win for Smart in BSB

Former Grand Prix rider Scott Smart snatched a dramatic maiden victory in the fifth round of the THINK! British Superbike Championship as he nosed his Hawk Kawasaki ahead of series leader John Reynolds on the final corner of the last lap of a hard fought race at Mondello Park.

In the second race, Reynolds again had to settle for second best as Michael Rutter took the victory, with Smart in third place.

This was the best ever day in the championship for the privately owned Hawk team, and their 27 year old Maidstone rider, Smart, was always in contention in the opener, but the chance seemed to have gone as Reynolds eased his Rizla Suzuki ahead, and then inherited the lead as Rutter tumbled out of the action with four laps to go.

But, Reynolds found himself under fire. "I pulled him back and was trying to hang in there," Smart explained. "John had swept through the corner a bit wide on the previous lap, I thought I might be able to win this one, went inside him into the corner and the bike in, got ahead, and got the win. This is fantastic for everyone in the team, I am really, really pleased."

After receiving his trophy Smart, the nephew of twice former World 500cc Champion Barry Sheene, added: "I am dedicating my first win in the championship to my friends Steve Hislop, David Jefferies and of course Barry, who all died last year - hopefully they were watching from up there."

Reynolds was bitterly disappointed at being relegated to second place, by 0.002 seconds: "I had settled for the win and have never made a mistake like that before - it just shows, you never stop learning."

Rutter, who had shattered the record to take his third pole start, was determined to atone for his earlier disappointment, when he was thrown from his HM Plant Honda Fireblade: "the rear end stepped out of line when I was not expecting it - I was thrown out of the seat, but landed back on it - then it happened again, but I couldn't hang on then."

He took his anger out by leading throughout the second 18 lap race, with Reynolds pressing hard, as he had to settle for a fourth consecutive second place, but, the twice former champion left the Irish circuit with an increased lead of 33 points over Rutter.

Race One Result: 1: Scott Smart (Kawasaki) 30:33.487, 2: John Reynolds (Suzuki) +0.002, 3: Glen Richards (Kawasaki) +9.258, 4: Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki) +15.235, 5: Dean Thomas (Ducati) +18.745, 6: Sean Emmett (Ducati) +21.103, 7: James Buckingham (Suzuki) +42.692, 8: Craig Coxhell (Honda) +43.337, 9: James Haydon (Yamaha) +49.919, 10: Kieran Clarke (Yamaha) +50.800.

Race Two Result: 1: Rutter 30:33.011, 2: John Reynolds (Suzuki) +1.299, 3: Smart +5.566, 4: Richards +10.283, 5: Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki) +17.129, 6: Tommy Hill (Yamaha) +22.737, 7: Emmett +29.204, 8: Clarke +36.890, 9: Coxhell +44.131, 10: Buckingham +49.076.

Championship Positions (after five of 13-rounds): 1: John Reynolds (Suzuki) 207, 2: Rutter 174, 3: Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki) 152, 4: Smart 130, 5: Emmett 105, 6: Thomas 84, 7: Richards 78, 8: Kiyonari (Honda) 76, 9: Hill 54, 10: Gary Mason (Yamaha) 49.

MotoGP, 2004

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