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Repsol riders visit oil rig

Repsol riders visit oil rig

Repsol riders visit oil rig

Alex Barros, Nicky Hayden and Rubén Xaus enjoyed a slightly different start to their preparations for the Gran Premi Gauloises de Catalunya this morning when they visited one of their sponsors' major oil rigs near Tarragona, just down the coast from Barcelona. The trio were airlifted by helicopter from the spectacular Casablanca rig to the Circuit de Catalunya after a two-hour tour.

"I'd seen these rigs on the television but I'd never been to one before and it's really impressive," said an enthusiastic Xaus. "To see such an enormous structure in the middle of the sea is really unusual. I never imagined there would be one so close to Tarragona – it was a fantastic opportunity and we all enjoyed it a lot."

The Casablanca rig, which is 45 kilometres off-shore, has a depth of 2,600 metros below sea level and a total of 18 wells, which produce an average of 45,000 barrels of oil a day.


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