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Best quotes from the weekend at Catalunya

Best quotes from the weekend at Catalunya

Best quotes from the weekend at Catalunya

"I used to be a rider too you know." Kenny Roberts Sr. squeezes in on the Kevin Schwantz birthday photo.

"Anything could happen in tomorrow's race. There are ten riders who could win it… and they're all mad!" Jorge Lorenzo sums up the attraction of 125cc racing after hanging on to pole position on Saturday.

"When it comes to the World Cup or the European Championship, I'm like everybody else - sat in front of the TV with a beer and cheering like a loony." Neil Hodgson looks forward to England's opening game of Euro 2004 against France.

"For a Friday I'm feeling pretty chuffed, especially since I got a bit of the hippy, hippy shakes just before the last fast rights." Troy Bayliss goes all rock and roll after QP1.

"I've got the video from the race at Mugello and it's one to keep and show the grandchildren. I can't believe I'm up here to be honest… somebody take a photo!" Ruben Xaus at the pre-event press conference with Valentino Rossi, Sete Gibernau, Carlos Checa and Alex Barros - just four days after leading them all in the wet race in Italy.

"Later in the year I'll be going out to do some supermoto riding… I guess just to remember what pain is really like." Schwantz plans his 40th birthday celebrations in the only way he knows how.

"Not to pick on Christian but I bet him and myself included could find a way to crash one of these things," Schwantz again on Christian Sarron's reported comment that MotoGP bikes were "fantastic… for a girl."

"We just do it for fun… well, I do – Eddie's pretty serious about it. In fact, I'm on a mission here to get some information from Yamaha's 250 team to try and get his kart to run a little better." Wayne Rainey still enjoys his rivalry with Eddie Lawson on the kart track.

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