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New safety measures at Assen

New safety measures at Assen

New safety measures at Assen

At the request of the MotoGP riders and the Grand Prix Safety Commission, the TT Circuit Assen have made some extra changes to the racetrack for better safety ahead of this weekend's race.

At the Haarbocht corner the Marshall post and gate has been moved 20 metres more backwards, to create a larger run-off area. Also after the Ossenbroeken corner a wider run off area has been created, whilst the embankments after the corner have been taken out to enlargen the gravel bed.

The bridge crossing from Strubben-side to Ossenbroeken has been removed, as the pillars of the bridge were in the extra requested run-off and the fences have been taken 10 metres backwards.

At the Veenslang-S the guardrail and the fences have also been moved backwards by 30 metres, whilst the embankment at Meeuwenmeer corner has been removed and placed some 300 meters more southwards, towards the Duikersloot corner. This has created an extra run off area at Meeuwenmeer, with the fences 30 metres further back.

Finally, new Vallelunga type kerbstones have been laid at Stekkenwal-, De Bult-, Duikersloot-, Meeuwenmeer- and Ramshoek-corner and at the Geert Timmer Chicane.


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