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Bayliss to get second Twin Pulse

Bayliss to get second Twin Pulse

Bayliss to get second Twin Pulse

Ducati have confirmed that Troy Bayliss will have two versions of their new Twin Pulse engine for the first time this weekend at Sachsenring. The Australian has been working with just one version of the engine since its introduction at Catalunya three races ago but Ducati Marlboro Team director Livio Suppo says the factory are putting all their focus on the new motor in the second half of the season.

"We plan to equip both riders with two Twin Pulse bikes from the Sachsenring onwards," confirmed Suppo. "The last two races really proved the potential of the new 'package'. If Loris hadn't had bad starts at Assen and Rio I believe he could have fought for podium finishes, because in both races his pace was very similar to guys who finished on the rostrum.

"Anyway, his results at those races prove beyond doubt that we have made a major step forward with the Twin Pulse, especially considering how much the MotoGP pace has increased this season.

"Finally, we are definitely heading in the right direction, and the bike is still growing with this engine which makes us feel very confident for the next few races. Loris has got his confidence back and I am sure Troy will do the same in Sachsenring."

"It'll be nice to have both bikes with the same engine, I look forward to that," commented Bayliss, who finished third at Sachsenring last season. "The tests we did at Rio proved again that the Twin Pulse is the way to go - it's definitely smoother and easy to ride over race distance.

"The Sachsenring is quite a strange track, especially the first section. And when you get on the bike and ride around it, it's even slower than it looks from the TV. But I don't mind it, it's a bit unusual, with a few blind turns and some bumps, but I enjoy riding around there.

"Anyway, it's no good arriving at a track thinking you don't like it. We had a good run there last year, ending up on the podium, so let's hope we can do that again."

Ducati Marlboro Team technical director Corrado Cecchinelli also feels his crew's fortunes are improving after a difficult few races at the start of 2004. "Last year the Sachsenring was good for us and this year we hope it will be even better," he says. "The Twin Pulse engine should improve drive out of the slow corners; it's not a track where straight-line speed is that important.

"What matters at this circuit is nimble handling and easy turning, but we won't make any big changes to our chassis set-up because both Loris and Troy feel very confident on the bike at the moment, so we don't want to jeopardise that.

"Like all tracks, you need a compromise between manoeuvrability and stability, but for the Sachsenring I'd say you err on the side of manoeuvrability."

Loris Capirossi comes to Germany fresh from strong result in Brazil, and can't wait to get back on board at the Sachsenring where he finished fourth last year despite a painful crash during the warm up.

"Assen and Rio showed the potential of the Twin Pulse, it's a much nicer engine to use, especially over race distance," says Capirossi, currently eighth in the World Championship points standings after scoring points at all seven races.

"The Sachsenring isn't a bad track, and yet it's tricky because it's easy to go backwards if you make one small mistake. Also, it's very tight and mostly slow, so overtake isn't at ball easy, which means doing well in very important.

"You don't use full throttle a lot around the Sachsenring, maybe a bit in the second part of the lap but the first section is all half throttle. For sure it's a good track for the people who are watching, and the Germans fans are incredibly enthusiastic."


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