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Proton KR and their unique ‘Track Shacks'

Proton KR and their unique ‘Track Shacks'

Proton KR and their unique ‘Track Shacks'

The Cinzano Rio Grand Prix in Brazil last weekend gave the Proton KR team their second opportunity this season to utilise a unique set of packing boxes which they use to send their equipment on the intercontinental flights. The ‘Track Shacks' double up during the race weekend as offices, providing the perfect ‘home from home' for the mechanics and engineers.

In this exclusive feature, Proton Team KR Technical Coordinator Les Jones explains the advantages of the ‘Track Shacks' and their logistical advantages for the hectic ‘flyaway' races.

"The reason we've gone for it is so that we can consolidate the amount of boxes we take on the flyaway rounds," explains Jones. "Before we went to the Track Shacks we were taking 25 boxes and now we take two track shacks and six or so boxes.

"We can have a working area where we've planned for the future where the hydraulics and the more technical stuff comes on board. We've got a clean area and we don't have to worry about facilities at the circuit.

"We don't actually use them in Europe, we only use them in Europe prior to going to a flyaway to do a pack up during the weekend. We can take all the parts out of the truck and build up the whole system before coming to a flyaway.

"We're trying to consolidate it but we're still at nine and a half tonnes, to ten tonnes, for all the equipment that we take."

To watch this exclusive video feature, click the link at the top of the page.

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