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Kawasaki riders fly back in time

Kawasaki riders fly back in time

Kawasaki riders fly back in time

Alex Hofmann and Shinya Nakano were flying high on Friday evening at Sachsenring, courtesy of the Kawasaki Racing Team's title sponsor, Fuchs Petrolub AG.

The two Fuchs Kawasaki riders, together with a crew from RTL television, were flown by helicopter from Sachsenring to the old MZ motorcycle factory in Zschopau to meet more than 120 people from Fuchs who are attending this weekend's Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland as guests of the Kawasaki Racing Team.

After signing autographs, posing for photographs and being interviewed on stage, Nakano and Hofmann were shown around the helicopter in which they'd be returning to Sachsenring by the pilot.

While both riders were impressed that the Italian Agusta helicopter produces more than 350BHP from an engine weighing less than 80kg, they were a little disconcerted to discover that the helicopter was built in 1970, before either of them was born!

After receiving reassurances from the pilot that the helicopter had flown trouble free for more than 30 years, and was therefore unlikely to fall out of the sky in the near future, Hofmann and Nakano climbed aboard and headed back to Sachsenring, circling the camp site a couple of times to wave to the assembled fans on the way.

"Sachsenring is a busy weekend for us, so it was good to get away from the track for a few hours and meet some of the people who are here to support us in a more relaxed atmosphere," commented Hofmann.

"On the way back we flew over the camp site for a quick look. The number of people who've arrived early for this weekend is incredible. I think the camp site is going to be a wild place on Saturday night.

"Hopefully, the majority of people will have recovered and made it trackside by the time the MotoGP race gets underway on Sunday afternoon, because we need all the support we can get!"


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