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Edouard Michelin hails MotoGP competition

Edouard Michelin hails MotoGP competition

Edouard Michelin hails MotoGP competition

Michelin Group Chairman and CEO Edouard Michelin was a special guest of the Veltins Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland on Sunday, where he expressed his delight at the emerging competition in the MotoGP class by rival tyre manufacturers. In particular, the progress being made by Bridgestone this season has revived the battle for superiority and Mr Michelin is as pleased as anybody to see their swift evolution, refuting ridiculous recent rumours of a single tyre championship.

"Racing is all about competition, that's fairly obvious," said Michelin. "It's about the competition between riders' talent and the competition between the technical companies involved. I think that maybe tyres are more crucial in MotoGP than in any other motorsport, so being able to choose your own tyres is, in our view, absolutely fundamental to the spirit of the racing and to racing competition.

"I think it would a disastrous, catastrophic decision to shift from free choice to control tyres, because that would be the first step to one-make racing, where everyone has the same tyres and the same bikes.

"That kind of racing may be good in some classes, but it would be a shame in any premier class. It wouldn't so much be a shame for the tyre companies but a shame for the fans, who want to see everyone always pushing towards maximum performance.

"When I last came to a motorcycle GP at Valencia three years ago, before the four-stroke era, I complained about one thing – that we lacked competition. I said this situation isn't normal for us and it's also boring for us.

"Our MotoGP team works very hard to continually improve the performance of our product, race after race, year after year, and now we are entering a more normal situation thanks to increased commitment from some of our competitors in MotoGP.

"We are very excited to be working in a more competitive landscape, because it makes the racing more exciting for us and for everyone. Competition is part of Michelin's philosophy – we want to earn our reputation through the excellence of our product. That is what stimulates us."


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