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Foggy: ‘Coming to MotoGP would be the ultimate goal for me'

Foggy: ‘Coming to MotoGP would be the ultimate goal for me'

Foggy: ‘Coming to MotoGP would be the ultimate goal for me'

Former World Superbike Champion and current Foggy Petronas WSB Team boss Carl Fogarty was in the paddock at Donington Park and stated that a chance to run a squad in MotoGP would be his ‘ultimate goal'.

‘Foggy' was the force that propelled road racing back to the levels of popularity in Britain not seen since the days of the late Barry Sheene. Almost a household name thanks to his outspoken nature, ruthless competitive streak and impeccable World Superbike record consisting of race victories with both Honda and Ducati, the UK had not witnessed and embraced a motorcycle racing personality and winner like the four time World Champ since Sheene stopped racing in 1985.

The most successful rider in the WSB series, defeating riders such as Troy Baliss, John Kocinski and Colin Edwards, Fogarty's career came to a sudden halt back in 2000 after a crash at Philip Island wrecked his left shoulder. A brief foray in MotoGP/500cc racing saw the Briton score 4th place at Donington Park in 1993 riding the Cagiva (he was third until the final corner where he ran out of fuel) and this is still one of the best results by a wild-card entry in the history of the premier class. He also completed races riding a 500cc Honda in 1990 recording a best result of 6th at Sweden.

The 39 year old last visited a MotoGP event in 1995. "The last time for me was at Barcelona in '95. Things look pretty much how I remember it, as big and as colourful as ever."

Fogarty won all his titles riding a factory four-stroke Ducati. "The new four-strokes in MotoGP seem to have incredible power but also look quite easy to ride. You don't see many of the guys high-siding the things, if they are going to crash it seems mainly to happen with the front end. I was watching at Redgate and they can get the power on nice and smooth, the bike then slides all over the place! They seem great fun to ride but unfortunately my day has passed. The mind says yes but the body says no."

"You see some of the guys now trying to ride with Rossi and they are getting closer but he is a special talent. I used to race with Colin Edwards and he was trying to catch me so that might be a benchmark as to where I would be now."

Regarding his aspirations for team management, the Blackburn resident has a contract with Petronas and WSB until 2006 but then the future is unclear. "I know it is not easy to get a sponsor in MotoGP but I would love to come here more than anything, it would be the ultimate goal for me, but at the moment I have my contract for Superbike and I am happy where I am."

To see the rest of the interview and hear Foggy's views on Rossi and British talent click on the corresponding video link.

MotoGP, 2004

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