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KR and Suzuki: On the comeback path?

KR and Suzuki: On the comeback path?

KR and Suzuki: On the comeback path?

The pole position gained by Kenny Roberts and the factory Suzuki team in Rio several weeks ago provided one of the biggest surprises of the first half of the season. To say that the squad and 2000 500cc World Champion had spent several years in the results wilderness is not entirely unfair but some flickering signs of recovery to former glory days are currently taking place in the 2004 campaign.

The Brazilian lap-time also marked the first pole for Bridgestone. Suzuki have the expertise of renowned tuner Erv Kanemoto to boost their efforts this season and the progress has been slowly cranking to a point whereby rapid circulations by the GSV-R will soon become less of a shock.

"I think we are slowly sneaking up on some of the issues that we have had in the last couple of years regarding the deficits of the machine," commented the 31 year old who scored his last podium in 2002 and last victory at Motegi in 2000. "The first thing people will see is an improvement in qualifying because a quick lap is coming a lot easier now with the same amount of effort and the settings we use."

"The results seem like they have become immediately better but in reality we have slowly improved to that level and to move on from that to racing is another story; we have a lot more work to do."

"From my perspective I am in the situation where everything has moving slowly and getting better bit by bit. The suddenly we stick one on pole and from the outside it seems massively improved. It is true that we have stepped up a level but in the same token we need another 30% because for racing conditions we are still struggling for horsepower and some traction."

To see the entire interview, including Roberts' words on Kanemoto, Bridgestone and the direction of his World Championship, click on the corresponding video link.

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