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Xaus: "Every day is a holiday for me!"

Xaus: 'Every day is a holiday for me!'

Xaus: "Every day is a holiday for me!"

Ruben Xaus is almost two weeks into his summer holidays but his approach to life certainly hasn't changed. Currently out in Los Angeles, USA, enjoying the X-Games, Xaus is planning on spending time in Alicante and Andorra before the next round of the MotoGP season at Brno, but insists he won't be relaxing too much.

"Every day is a holiday for me!" smiles the 26 year old, who is on course for the Rookie of the Year title. "Holidays means calmness, but I like sports and everywhere I go I look for a fitness centre to workout a couple of hours. If I don't workout I don't feel well, it's like brushing your teeth or eating, it's part of everyday life. I also do Supermotard, wakeboard, paddle... The truth is that I hardly ever stop.

"It isn't a long break. A little bit less than three weeks and I won't stop at any moment. Last year I had a one and a half month holiday and I really felt it. From the physical and the mental point of view it's better for me if the races are one immediately after the other. You're more tired but you don't have time to get distracted. The hardest part is that you're hardly ever at home."

MotoGP, 2004

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