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Gibernau gets his confidence back

Gibernau gets his confidence back

Gibernau gets his confidence back

Sete Gibernau says he has his confidence back and believes he is ready to battle all the way for the MotoGP World Championship in the second half of the season.

Currently enjoying a break on the Spanish holiday island of Ibiza, Gibernau says his podium finish at Donington Park three weeks ago gives him every reason to believe he can re-ignite his title challenge in the last seven races, with a 22 point gap to make up over current leader Valentino Rossi.

"We needed a break of course, but to tell you the truth the last race has opened for me the confidence again," said Gibernau, who had crashed out of the two races previous to the Cinzano British Grand Prix at Rio and Sachsenring.

"As far as we were with the two crashes and not scoring points we were going to Donington, which was a difficult racetrack for us anyhow, and we weren't in the best moment when we got there.

"I think the main goal for the season… we are even over the main target, which was to be fighting every race for the podium and when things were not great we had to at least fight for the podium, and when everything's okay you need to try to win the race.

"That's what we're doing and basically that's why I'm so happy and my confidence is back because we've been suffering a little and we got to Donington with all these problems and we didn't have the best of weekends. After all this, if you analyse the situation, we got a pretty good podium out of a difficult situation.

"That makes me stronger and makes me look forward to the rest of the season with more optimism than before. It's something that it's important that we have more than before - and that's experience.

"This first part has been amazing, there's been awesome racing and like I say I've been learning a lot, and now it's time to keep on working and to focus on ourselves and the later part of the year.

"There's good racetracks for us, I like them, I like the situation. I did good at the end of the year last year and like I say, now I have more experience and I'm looking forward for that - the team is working hard and we know what we got.

"Honda's trying to help us as much as they can, Michelin and the team... like I say, we're doing a great job and I'm really looking forward to Brno."

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