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MotoGP cuisine with Team d'Antin

MotoGP cuisine with Team d'Antin

MotoGP cuisine with Team d'Antin

The MotoGP World Championship gets back underway in a week's time at the Gauloises Grand Prix Ceske Republiky – the first of seven races which will see the paddock packed up and transported across seven countries and three continents in just over two months.

It is a major project for everybody involved, but particularly for the caterers, who face a logistical nightmare as they try to keep the riders, teams and VIP guests stocked up with fresh food and the right nutrients.

The man in charge at Team d'Antin is José Buenache, who runs Spanish catering firm Miralmonte. Buenache has a team of twenty people working at each race, and a strict system of keeping the right food on the right tables.

"All the ingredients arrive directly from Spain," he explains. "The fresh produce, which is at eight degrees, is frozen to twenty degrees below zero in twenty minutes, the temperature is then increased two degrees and it is transported at this temperature, eighteen degrees below zero.

"This way we assure that the food maintains all its qualities and allows them to cook a daily balanced meal, based on the Mediterranean diet.

"Between twenty-five and thirty meals are served daily to the team on the truck, but when there are guests we can reach three hundred. We can serve up to forty kilos of fruit and vegetables. We also serve pasta, up to fifteen kilos per race."

Once the food is ready to be prepared, cook Maribel Sevillano takes over – making sure she pays special attention to the rather peculiar eating habits of her riders.

"Neil Hodgson likes to taste everything but hates tomatoes, buy always eats pasta with tomato sauce," she laughs. "Ruben Xaus enjoys eating, but controls himself. He eats a lot of salads, with tuna and no onions. He loves rice pudding, but the truth is that all team members love sweets!"

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