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Formula 1 look to learn from MotoGP

Formula 1 look to learn from MotoGP

Formula 1 look to learn from MotoGP

Whilst the introduction of four-stroke 990cc engines has seen an influx of Formula 1 technology and techniques into MotoGP, it was really only a matter of time before the trend was reversed.

The swift evolution of motorcycle technology at the highest level of competition has already prompted F1 engineers to cast an inquisitive eye over the latest developments and at the Gauloises Grand Prix Ceske Republiky last weekend, Shell's Technical Manager for the Ferrari F1 team, Mike Copson, was on hand to take a closer look.

"If we take the mechanical considerations of the engine into account, in the same way we do with Ferrari, then it means you can optimise things like the speed of combustion, for example, and fuel economy, which is very important in the MotoGP world," explained Copton, who worked closely with Shell's MotoGP partners Ducati Corse over the weekend.

"Ducati are an amazing outfit in that they operate in a very similar way to Ferrari; very professional. But the fuel economy benefits that I'm seeing here, especially in the bike world where you're restricted on the litre-age that you're allowed, it's very interesting in terms of the technology that I can take back and impart onto my colleagues in the Formula 1 world because rules are always changing and you never know what's around the corner.

Copton added that he couldn't help but enjoy the unique atmosphere of the MotoGP paddock and, of course, the frenetic action out on the track.

"The track action is fantastic here in MotoGP. I mean, the racing is different in Formula 1 because it relies a little more on tactics, a little more on strategy – it's more of a team effort. But the Ducati people here along with Shell Advance have a really great sense of occasion and the sense of racing is fantastic, very relaxed as well which is nice."


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