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FIM announce new rules on yellow and red flags

FIM announce new rules on yellow and red flags

FIM announce new rules on yellow and red flags

MotoGP races will not be stopped in case of rain, according to new rules announced today by the FIM. After a revision of red flag procedure, the Grand Prix Permanent Bureau have decided that, in the MotoGP class only and from the start of the 2005 season, there will be no interruptions to the race action caused by weather.

At the same time but with immediate effect, the FIM have announced new rules regarding yellow flag procedure. From now on, any infringements of the yellow flag will see the guilty rider ordered to return to his original position, as opposed to being punished with a ride through.

The full rules changes are explained by the following release from the FIM:

FIM announcement. Decisions of the Grand Prix Permanent Bureau

The Grand Prix Permanent Bureau, composed of FIM President Francesco Zerbi and Dorna Managing Director Carmelo Ezpeleta, confirmed the following decision taken unanimously by the Grand Prix Commission:

- Yellow Flag

"Shown waved at the flag marshal post, this flag indicates that there is a danger ahead. The riders must slow down and be prepared to stop. Overtaking is forbidden up until the point where the green flag is shown.

- Any Infringement of this rule during a practice session will result in the cancellation of the time of the lap during which the infraction occurred.

- (New:)In case of infringement of this rule during the race, the rider must go back to his position prior to the overtaking. The penalty will be first communicated to the team and then a board will be displayed for the rider on the finish line during a maximum of 3 laps. If the rider did not return to his previous position after the board has been presented 3 times, he will be penalized by a ride through (application: immediate).

- In both cases, further penalties (such as fine - suspension) may also be imposed.

- If immediately after having overtaken, the rider realise that he did an infraction, he must raise his hand and let pass the rider(s) that he has overtaken. In this case, no penalty will be imposed.

During the final inspection lap, this flag must be waved at the exact place where the flag marshal will be positioned during the practices and races".

The Permanent Bureau also confirmed the decision taken by the majority of the members of the Grand Prix Commission: In the MotoGP class only, in case of rain, the race will not be interrupted. (application: 1.1.2005)

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