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Just one qualifying session for MotoGP in 2005

Just one qualifying session for MotoGP in 2005

Just one qualifying session for MotoGP in 2005

The qualifying grid for the MotoGP World Championship in 2005 will be decided by just one qualifying session, instead of the current format of two sessions on two different days. The three other practice sessions will not count for the formation of the starting grid.

MotoGP's ruling body, the Grand Prix Permanent Bureau, have also confirmed the recent decision taken unanimously by the Grand Prix Commission (formed by representatives of the FIM, Dorna Sports, the Team Association IRTA and the Manufacturer Association MSMA) which will see the end of races in the MotoGP class being interrupted by rain.

The new rule, which will be in application from the beginning of the 2005 season, states that races will not be red-flagged because of the weather conditions, although other circumstances still can led to their interruption.

This new format, called flag-to-flag, leaves the decision whether to enter the pits or not in case of rain, and when to do so, in the hands of the riders and teams. It is still to be regulated whether or not they will be allowed just to change tyres or to switch to their second bike, prepared with wet set-up.

The FIM has also approved that teams and riders entered in the MotoGP World Championship will not be allowed to test at any circuit between the 1st December of one year and the 20th January of the following year, both dates being inclusive.


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