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Davies recovering from broken heel

Davies recovering from broken heel

Davies recovering from broken heel

Chaz Davies says he expects to be 90% fit for the Marlboro Grand Prix of Qatar after cracking his heel bone in a nasty crash at Motegi on Sunday. The youngster tumbled out on the 21st lap of the race, high-siding his Aprilia entering the front straight, to end a difficult weekend marred by chassis set-up and engine problems.

Nothing was happening for me all weekend really, which was strange because I had one of my best races of last year at Motegi, commented the 17 year old. On Saturday I had an incident in the esses, with the back end coming round on me, but I managed to save it. In the warm-up it happened again and I crashed, which Ive never done in a warm-up before.

We just couldnt seem to get the chassis working well all weekend, and the engine wasnt on top form either. In the race it was the same thing the back end came around on me even though I wasnt opening the gas any harder than I had done on the previous laps. The tyre bit in and it just threw me off.

At first I was okay and I jumped to my feet, but then I realised there was something wrong with my foot and I let the marshals stretcher me off. Its basically a small fracture and, even though I was on crutches for the journey home, Im hobbling around now and I think Ill be 90% fit for Qatar.

It was an uncomfortable trip back but luckily they had a spare seat in business class so I shared it with Mike di Meglio, who also injured himself - we had six hours each. When I got back to London, Sylvain Guintoli was there and he helped carry my bags and everything, which was really nice of him.

To top off the whole weekend, when I got home there was no sign of my dad. It turned out he decided to go out and ride some supermoto that evening but he crashed and broke his tibia and fibula, so hes in hospital with his leg in plaster. Hopefully well all have better luck in Qatar!


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