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Roberts reveals extent of injuries

Roberts reveals extent of injuries

Roberts reveals extent of injuries

Kenny Roberts is in positive mood and on the road to recovery despite suffering a painful dislocated left elbow and nasty burns to the right side of his body in the dramatic first corner pile-up at Motegi on Sunday.

The former World Champion revealed that there was nothing he could do to avoid the crash and says he will not return to action until he is 100% fit.

"I don't know if I got a good start or a bad start – but it was the wrong start!" commented Roberts, who has already been ruled out of the next round of the season at Qatar.

"A couple of guys got into each other and caused a chain reaction. I think I got taken out by Biaggi, but my left arm got stuck between his rear wheel and some part of the chassis.

"It pulled me into the bike and I burned my neck a little bit and my right arm on his exhaust pipe. When I pulled my arm out, I couldn't bend my elbow – but I could twist my arm and my hand, with pain, so at least I knew there wasn't nerve damage.

"I ran to the inside of the track because I knew I'd get to the medical centre faster. Colin (Edwards) helped me get my gloves off and I came to the clinic. They took the X-ray and put my arm back in probably fifteen seconds. It really hurt going in and it really hurts now.

"They say I should know in a couple of weeks at what stage I'll feel somewhat good. The left side of my body is in pain from the dislocation and the right side from being burned… so I have quite a different set of circumstances. Other than that, I'm basically fine.

"The crash was quite slow, but these things happen. I hope all the other riders are okay. We'll wait until I'm feeling 100 percent, and continue from there."

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