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Youichi Ui delighted by MotoGP debut

Youichi Ui delighted by MotoGP debut

Youichi Ui delighted by MotoGP debut

Youichi Ui enjoyed a positive MotoGP debut at the weekend, picking up a solitary point in payment for the faith shown in him by WCM. Ui, who took the place of Michel Fabrizio in the team run by Peter Clifford, had spent his whole previous career in the 125cc class and was delighted with his performance in his first competitive appearance on a four-stroke.

"I had a phenomenal weekend," said the 31 year old. "I really enjoyed riding the bike, although it was difficult. The main problem was getting used to the engine braking. We couldn't get it to work consistently in the way that I wanted and that made it virtually impossible for me to find the limit on the way into the corners.

"I know that with a bit more time on the bike I could have done much better, but even so I enjoyed the whole experience enormously. I couldn't believe it when Peter asked me to ride. I'd been losing sleep up to then thinking I was going to miss the Grand Prix of Japan and I knew that 150 members of my fan club had already bought their tickets and would be disappointed.

"Before the race my objective was just to finish because I knew I didn't have enough time to prepare myself physically to cope with the necessary rhythm for a MotoGP race.

"Obviously it is a lot different to preparing to ride a 125. I knew from the times in qualifying that I was going to get lapped and I didn't want to get in the way of the fast guys. I scored points because six guys crashed but that's racing!".


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