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Amatriain calls for weight restrictions

Amatriain calls for weight restrictions

Amatriain calls for weight restrictions

Fortuna Honda Team Manager Daniel Amatriain called for minimum weight restrictions in the 250cc World Championship after seeing his rider Toni Elías beaten by Daniel Pedrosa at the Camel Grand Prix of Japan. Amatriain backed up comments by Elías in the post-race interviews claiming that Pedrosa had a major advantage on acceleration due to the fact he weighs around 13 kilos less than his Spanish compatriot.

"I think today's race should make us reflect on the category's future, given that riders like Porto, De Puniet, Rolfo, Fonsi and the other were so far from the front places today," declared Amatriain.

"I want to make an appeal to the rule-makers in the class so that they seriously consider the situation, especially as the teams have had their say on the issue. I want to congratulate Toni, because he did an extraordinary race."

Elías had shown his discontent after finishing second in the race, saying: "I'm happy about today's result because I was at the front once more, fighting for victory, but at the end it became clear that the difference between Pedrosa's 44 kilos and my 57 are very important, but I did everything I could and I think that Pedrosa was no quicker than I was.

"It was a tough race and I felt strong, but I couldn't do anything and although I will continue to push in the remaining Grands Prix, I think it will be very hard if things don't change, given that today things went well and I found it impossible to win."


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