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Knee slider problem for Elías

Knee slider problem for Elías

Knee slider problem for Elías

Toni Elías and Roberto Rolfo were both hit by bad luck in the 250cc Marlboro Grand Prix of Qatar despite finishing in sixth and seventh place. Elías lost his right knee slider on the sighting lap and was forced to start from pit lane, forcing his way up to sixth before losing the slider again.

"On the warm-up lap I lost my right knee slider and had to come back for another one and start from pit lane, which was the first bit of bad luck," explained Elías.

"After five laps I lost it again and had to use the leather, which eventually wore down. When I felt my skin graze the tarmac I couldn't put my knee down anymore and that's really important here.

"It was a really tough race starting from pit-lane and making my way through in really difficult conditions, and I think if it wasn't for all that I could have been on the podium. Even after I lost the first knee slider I could have made it to fourth, but I couldn't do anything about it."

Rolfo got a great start, holding off his rivals until tyre wear prevented him from maintaining his rhythm and finishing one place behind his team-mate in seventh.

"I'm not happy with the result but with the way the weekend has gone it's not actually too bad," said Rolfo. "I got a good start and tried to go with the lead group but once the front tyre was spent my usual problems came back with that part of the bike.

"From then on I had to push myself back on the bike to lighten the weight on the front end, and I couldn't ride comfortably. This is my limit in the current conditions and to do any better is virtually impossible, although we'll keep trying and working in Malaysia."


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