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Uncomfortable ride for McCoy

Uncomfortable ride for McCoy

Uncomfortable ride for McCoy

Garry McCoy made an uncomfortable return to MotoGP on Friday, when he was forced to ride in team-mate Jeremy McWilliams' leathers after his own outfit was lost in transit between Italy and Malaysia.

Despite the setback, the former Grand Prix winner began a steep learning curve with the notoriously critical Aprilia RS3 in positive fashion, making swift progress with the set-up and provisionally qualifying in 20th place.

"I thought Jeremy was the same size as me with slightly bigger arms. But when I put his leathers on it was like a set of overalls! It certainly didn't make my first day any easier," explained McCoy, making his first MotoGP appearance since Valencia 2003.

"The bike is quite a bit different to what I've been used to. There's so much to learn and I didn't want to push that hard and come unstuck. Today was all about getting to know the team and the bike and not doing anything stupid. The bike feels pretty rigid so you have got to be really smooth.

"I wasn't too comfortable this morning but the changes made a big difference. I didn't really make many changes while I was trying to adapt to the bike, but we'll definitely work on refining the suspension settings for me overnight."


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