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Differing fortunes for d´Antin Ducati pair

Differing fortunes for d´Antin Ducati pair

Differing fortunes for d´Antin Ducati pair

The first day of practice in Australia was like chalk and cheese for the d´Antin MotoGP team today. Rubén Xaus finished in a brilliant fifth place on the grid whilst Neil Hodgson was twentieth and the pair had understandably contrasting emotions.

`Today was just the first day of work but we have been trying several things which went well, and which allowed me to set this good time´, explained Xaus, who finished second in both World Superbike races at this track last season.

`With this being a track I know, and where we tested in February as well, I was keen to get here. We need to stay calm, keep working and keep improving because tomorrow is another day and we have to get it spot on.

`This is a track where you have to feel comfortable on the bike and the Ducati is a bike which moves around a lot. Undoubtedly there are areas which come a little easier for me because I´ve been here before, but there are places where it is still hard, and that´s where we need to focus our work tomorrow.

`I think I could have set an even better time today, but I had a bit of a moment and finally I finished fifth, which isn´t at all bad for the first day´.

Hodgson won both WSB races ahead of Xaus in 2003 and admitted his performance today was not up to expectations. `I´m really not happy with my position, that´s normal. This is one of my favourite circuits and I don´t feel right on the bike´, said Hodgson.

`I know it´s only the first day of practice, but the truth is that we still have to do all the set-up work because I wasn´t comfortable for a second. I hope that things change radically tomorrow and I can enjoy this track a lot more´.


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