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MotoGP riders take part in Red Bull Battle of Kings

MotoGP riders take part in Red Bull Battle of Kings

A host of MotoGP riders were in Ibiza on Monday to take part in the annual Red Bull Battle of Kings, competing against stars from other race series in a two-day motor sports challenge covering disciplines such as Offroad Buggy, Quad, Jet Ski and Canoeing.

Max Biaggi, Alex Hoffmann, Gregorio Lavilla, Kurtis Roberts, John Hopkins, Casey Stoner and Julio Simon all attended the event this year, joining World Indoor Trials Champion Adam Raga, Dakar Rally winner Nani Roma, 2004 MX3 World Motocross Champion Yves Demaria, DTM champ Mattias Ekstroem and special guests such as Niki Lauda and Felix Baumgartner.

´Battle of Kings´ didnt just serve to entertain some of the worlds motor sports giants and to pick out the best of the best. Through their participation, the stars made both a moral and a financial contribution to an ambitious research project established by event organiser Heinz Kinigadner. The former motocross stars ´Wings for Life´ foundation works to make sure that no young athlete has to spend the rest of his or her life in a wheelchair after an accident.

The quickest and best mastery of the various unfamiliar craft was pulled off by Yves Demaria, who was crowned King of Kings at the end of the event. ´Although the main point was to have fun, it feels great to have left such giants in the dust, said Demaria. But its an even better feeling to have done something for a good cause.

As a reward, the French KTM rider has got a sixth high-speed experience in store - a flight in the Flying Bulls Alpha Jet, as a personal passenger of head pilot Sigi Angerer.

Full results of the Battle of Kings

King of Motor Sports 2004: Yves Demaria

Team scores:

1. Racecar (Niki Lauda, Mattias Ekström, Martin Tomczyk, Mathias Lauda, Chris Rosenberger)
2. MotoGP (Max Biaggi, Alex Hoffmann, Gregorio Lavilla, Felix Baumgartner)
3. Offroad (Jordi Tarrés, Adam Raga, Thierry van den Bosch, Christian Pfeiffer)
4. Motocross (Yves Demaria, Jimmy Button, Georges Jobé, Ben Townley, Maxi Nagl)
5. Road Racing Moto (Casey Stoner, Julio Simon)
6. Repsol Rally (Nani Roma, Marc Coma, Jordi Durán, Claudio Torras)
7. US Team (Chuck Aksland, Kurtis Roberts, Jake Zemke, John Hopkins, Mark Cernicky)

MotoGP, 2004

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