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Nakano helps earthquake victims in Japan

Nakano helps earthquake victims in Japan

Nakano helps earthquake victims in Japan

Shinya Nakano has dipped into his own pockets to provide help to the thousands of his countrymen affected by the recent earthquakes in Japan. The Kawasaki rider returned home from Europe this week after contesting the final round of the MotoGP season at Valencia and visiting the NEC show in England, and was shocked by the effects of the quakes, which centred around Niigata in the north of Japan, on the 23rd October.

"In Chiba, where I live, you could feel the ground shaking," said Nakano, who yesterday visited the offices of Japanese sports newspaper ‘Tochu' to make his contribution.

"I was just leaving Japan for Valencia when it happened and when I returned I couldn't believe the extent of the damage that had been caused. The amount of injured people is much higher than I had realised so I wanted to help the victims of this catastrophe in some way."

Earthquakes are still being registered around Niigata and the situation is delicate, with 40 fatalities already recorded, almost 3,000 injured and over 18,000 houses damaged. The area was also recently hit by a typhoon.

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