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Byrne to test updated Aprilia

Byrne to test updated Aprilia

Byrne to test updated Aprilia

Shane Byrne will return to MotoGP action at Jerez on the 23rd November to test a belatedly updated version of the Aprilia RS3. The Italian factory had initially planned to use the new machine in the 2004 MotoGP World Championship with Byrne and Jeremy McWilliams but the British pair will get their first taste at the Spanish track in a three-day test.

For Byrne, news of the shakedown session is a much-needed boost after missing the last three races of the season with a wrist injury and with Aprilia yet to confirm whether they will continue with their MotoGP project in 2005.

"Unfortunately there is no news on next year yet and it's driving me totally bonkers!" said Byrne. "The only slight breakthrough is that Aprilia have asked me to go down to Jerez at the end of the month to test the bike that I was supposed to be racing since the beginning of the season so it'll be good to get a shot on that to see how much of an improvement they've made."

Despite a lack of track action it's been a busy post-season for Byrne, who has spent the last ten days manning his own stall at the NEC Motorbike Show, which ended on Sunday, in Birmingham, England.

"The stand up at the NEC has been going pretty good, loads of people have been asking how it's doing but I guess it's real difficult to say because I've never done anything like this before, in fact I don't think any rider ever has before, it's good for me though because at the end of the day I'm only human and it's a mega chance to meet up with some of the fans.

"I think I've come up with a new money making scam though, I reckon that if I'd charged a pound for every time somebody asked me what I'm doing next year then I wouldn't have to worry about racing as I'd have made about a million quid anyway! The only problem is that unfortunately I really don't know myself so it's all a bit frustrating."

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