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Doctor Costa optimistic over Biaggi recovery

Doctor Costa optimistic over Biaggi recovery

Doctor Costa optimistic over Biaggi recovery

Clinica Mobile medic Doctor Costa is already looking forward to a swift recovery from Max Biaggi after helping the Italian through his operation at a hospital in France last week.

Costa accompanied Biaggi and his trusted physiotherapist Marino Laghi to the Clinique du Parc in Lyon last Monday and took part in Tuesday's operation to repair a displaced fracture of the fibular malleolus and an intra-articular displaced fracture of the body of astragalus of his left ankle.

In fact, it was such a complicated process that two medical teams, one directed by Professor Jean-Yves Coillard and the other one directed by Dr. Philippe D'Ingrado with the assistance of Doctor Costa were employed. Two Herbert screws were inserted in the astragalus and another one in the fibula to fix the fractures and, after waking up in the operating theatre, Biaggi was taken back to his hospital room.

"His condition seemed very good to me….his sense of humour surprised me!" said Doctor Costa. "He was not allowed to drink or eat anything, but his need for a pizza margherita was so great that I went down to the shop and bought him a slice.

"I made his little desire come true, as much as I hope his big desire to jump back on the bike will soon come true. Then when it came to the coca-cola I bought him, he felt too feel guilty to drink it.

"They were two very long days, his telephone never stop ringing, he received the best wish from lots of people. Lots of faxes and flowers proved once again the big love for this special rider.

"The successful outcome of the operation allowed Max to leave the hospital on November 11th and return home (to his house) in Monaco not far from Lyon. In fourteen days he will be able to begin rehabilitation with his friend and physiotherapist Marino Laghi.

"Max will have all winter to walk on tears and through sacrifice and then give us all a wonderful present - being able to ride his fantastic bike again at the end of January next year."

MotoGP, 2004, Max Biaggi

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