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Proton Team KR pleased by KTM progress

Proton Team KR pleased by KTM progress

Proton Team KR pleased by KTM progress

Proton Team KR reported positive progress with the KTM engine on the first day of extended tests using the Austrian motor in their own chassis at Jerez on Tuesday. Jeremy McWilliams rode the hybrid machine and was due to complete further laps on Wednesday morning before returning to testing duties alongside regular team-mate Shane Byrne at Aprilia.

"We are testing with Jeremy at the moment and we've also got Kurtis Roberts here so he will take over when Jeremy returns to Aprilia," explained Team Manager Chuck Aksland. "We've still got a few things to get through but basically this is the third time the bike has been on track and we know which direction we need to work in to make progress.

"Development of the engine has gone in the way that we had hoped and the motor certainly has a lot of potential. The combination with the chassis seems to fit well and we were pleased with the way it measured up to the other machines out on the track. A few minor problems prevented us from getting further on the first day but the lap times were respectable."

After using Dunlop tyres during the 2004 season the team are testing with Michelin at Jerez, but Aksland insisted there was no agreement in place with the French rubber manufacturer for 2005.

"Basically Michelin have agreed to lend us a hand here but there is nothing to read into that," he confirmed. "We're not here to test tyres. We're here to test a few different types of chassis and other components to see how they work with the engine."

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