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Exclusive footage of Proton Team KR – KTM prototype

Exclusive footage of Proton Team KR – KTM prototype

Exclusive footage of Proton Team KR – KTM prototype

Proton Team KR enjoyed their second test with the KTM engine inside their own chassis at Jerez last weekend, with their former rider Jeremy McWilliams back in the saddle and setting a scorching pace around the Spanish track. Now you can enjoy the first ever video footage of the new machine by clicking on the links at the top of the page.

In just two days of tests the British rider was within sight of the MotoGP lap record and was 1.5 seconds inside the team's best qualifying result at the Gran Premio Marlboro de España last May.

On what was only the bike's fourth full day at a racetrack McWilliams recorded a best time of 1'43.00 and was sure that with more time on the bike he could dip under the current record of 1'42.788, set by Valentino Rossi on the Honda in 2003.

"There was definitely more to come," said McWilliams,. "With another day or two, it could easily run in the low 1'42s. I was really impressed. I didn't expect it to perform anything like it did.

"There's plenty of potential, but it's already really easy to ride. It's deceptive, because you don't realise how fast you're going. The handling is great, and the engine response is smooth and predictable."

During his tests, McWilliams worked on improving the fuelling, and control of engine braking – but the level of the machine was already much higher than he had imagined.

"There's nothing about this bike I can compare to the Proton KR V5 I rode in 2003," he said. "It's so much better in every way. The chassis works really well, and the motor has good power all the way through the range. And it's willing to keep revving. Our top speed at these tests was only four or five km/h slower than the Hondas!"

Team manager Chuck Aksland was delighted with the rider's confirmation of their own impressions. "It's the first time ever that the rider hasn't asked for more power," he said. "There was an upgraded-spec engine on hand, but Jeremy didn't want to try it. What he had was working so well.

"The lap times were only part of a generally very positive test. Thanks to the help of Michelin, we were able to try out a potential combination – our chassis, the KTM engine, and their tyres – and to prove to ourselves that it offers a serious chance of being competitive.

"We've spent eight years working up to this point – gaining knowledge and experience, often the hard way. Technically, this is the best package we've ever had."

Enjoy the first footage of McWilliams in action on the Proton Team KR – KTM hybrid machine, exclusive to, by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

MotoGP, 2004

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