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Riders for Health win key UN contract in Nigeria

Riders for Health win key UN contract in Nigeria

Riders for Health win key UN contract in Nigeria

A new UN complex in Abuja, Nigeria, has contracted the management of their workshop and entire fleet of 300 vehicles to Riders for Health. Successfully securing this public tender is proof of Riders' expertise in transport for development.

Representatives from the UN visited the existing Riders workshop in nearby Garki and were clearly impressed by Riders' efficiency and proven results in the management of large numbers of vehicles in difficult conditions.

Riders' unique Transport Resource Management (TRM), is complete outsourced vehicle-management. It covers everything, from training (and re-training) drivers and riders to providing fuel, carrying out servicing and collating vehicle data. The cost per kilometre of running each vehicle is accurately calculated and collected from the user agency as the kilometres are used.

Thus fuel, lubricants and replacement parts are always available and maximum usage can be derived from each of the parts without risking a break-down. In addition to the UN, existing clients and partners of Riders' TRM system include various African ministries of health and child welfare, the WHO and a wide range of NGOs.

The success of Riders' zero-breakdown system is well documented. Riders set up a logistics programme in Nigeria at the request of the WHO in support of the global polio eradication campaign. In 1999 they started a nation-wide programme with just 37 vehicles and now manage over 100, which have run for five years and almost 14 million kilometres.

Riders are also able to offer training in safe driving and vehicle maintenance at the International Academy of Vehicle Management in Zimbabwe. This training expertise was another key contributor to Riders' successful bid for the UN contract.

"Winning the UN contract is an important step forward for Riders Nigeria and proves to the whole Nigerian team how much notice is being taken of their good work," commented Riders Nigeria programme director Ngozi Nebuwa.

The new contract has increased the number of vehicles managed by Riders Nigeria to almost 400, necessitating some re-structuring of the Riders Nigeria staff. Members of the Nigeria team have already moved into the new multi-agency complex, UN House, which is home to agencies such as UNICEF and UNDP. Technical officer Soji Adegbulugbe has been re-deployed to head the Riders staff at the complex.

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