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Rossi enjoying some more four wheeled fun

Rossi enjoying some more four wheeled fun

Rossi enjoying some more four wheeled fun

Valentino Rossi has again dabbled in the motorsport world and this time he was able to sit behind the wheels of a Toyota Corolla WRC at the Bologna Motorshow that finished last Sunday.

The MotoGP World Champion yesterday took part in the twentieth Memorial ‘Bettega Totocalcio &Totogol' event celebrated at the Lonsdale Arena. Rossi remarked that he felt as comfortable on the asphalt as he did in the sandy sections of the special course and had a lot of fun with the experience, although he wasn't so lucky after colliding with double World rallying Champ Marcus Gronholm in his Peugeot 307 and couldn't finish.

"They are the real champions of this sport and it is difficult to go up against them with all the proper machinery. Rally has always been one of my passions and I prefer it to Formula 1, even if the other is also amazing," commented the Italian. "F1 has a really professional atmosphere, but is a little more sterile and distant. With Rallying you can see the mechanics working furiously during the stops and it is exciting to watch live."

Rossi has now left to London to fulfil his last promotional duties before staring some holidays that will last until the first tests of 2005 towards the end of January.

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