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Rainey impressed by Laguna Seca changes

Rainey impressed by Laguna Seca changes

Rainey impressed by Laguna Seca changes

Former 500cc World Champion Wayne Rainey says the recent changes to the Laguna Seca circuit will not only make it safer for the MotoGP riders, but also more exciting. Turn 9 is named in honour of Rainey, who was crowned World Champion on three occasions for Yamaha, and he was present to witness the major works carried out as the bridge over the corner was moved 135 metres up the track.

"Moving the Turn 9 bridge will have a huge visual impact for both the riders and the fans," explained Rainey. "Rainey Curve, which I've always considered the most demanding corner on the circuit, just got more challenging for the racers.

"With the bridge moved and additional run-off area being created, riders will have nothing to distract them and will be totally focused on maximizing their speed through the corner. And for the fans, the bridge will no longer obstruct their view as the bikes go through the turn."

* Rainey is pictured at the relocation of the bridge with Bob Starr (Corporate Communications Manager for Yamaha), Gill Campbell (CEO/general manager at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca), Don Ask (president of Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula), John Pinio (Director, Monterey County Parks Dept).

MotoGP, 2005

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