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Byrne still in MotoGP limbo

Byrne still in MotoGP limbo

Byrne still in MotoGP limbo

Shane Byrne admits he is still in limbo over his MotoGP future after Aprilia's decision to pull out of motorcycle racing's premier-class for 2005. The former British Superbike Champion is running out of time as he looks to secure a ride before the start of preseason testing and admits he is concerned by the lack of progress.

"I've been fairly on the case again lately trying to get something sorted for this year, it's real tough and quite worrying when nothing seems to be happening," said Byrne, speaking on his personal website.

"I go through these little phases where I panic and worry and get all moody because things aren't happening, then all of a sudden I'll just start thinking ‘no, don't worry it'll all be fine and me worrying isn't going to make things happen any faster anyway'."

Luis D'Antin recently confirmed that he has held discussions with Byrne over the possibility of a ride alongside Roberto Rolfo on a Ducati Desmosedici but it seems Byrne's firmest offer so far has come from the British Superbike Championship and his former team Monstermob, managed by Paul Bird.

"I had been at one of the chilled out stages for a few days last week and hadn't been particularly stressed about the whole thing then I got a call from Birdy asking what was happening, we got talking for a bit about bikes and I said I'd go up to see him.

"On Friday I jumped in the car and cruised up there. We had a right laugh, we went to see the boys back at the workshops and to look at how the bikes were coming on and it was just like being home, they're such a good bunch of guys.

"Paul's been pulling out all the stops to get me to ride and I was so tempted to just say "yeah, ok let's do it" there and then, but the problem I have is that there's a lot of people trying everything they can to keep me in GP's and I don't want to turn my back on their support.

"Ultimately, if I do come back to BSB for a year I still want to go back to MotoGP straight after so it's a tricky dilemma. How long do I sit and wait for the MotoGP thing and what if it all amounts to nothing? It's not easy being me right now I tell you!"

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