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Davies confirms Aprilia Germany extension

Davies confirms Aprilia Germany extension

Davies confirms Aprilia Germany extension

Chaz Davies has confirmed that he will be competing in the 250cc World Championship in 2005 after extending his deal with Aprilia Germany for a third season.

The 17 year old, who spent one year in the 125cc class before becoming the youngest rider ever to step up to 250cc in 2003, faced an uncertain future this winter. Frustrated by a lack of a factory opportunities in the quarter-litre class, the youngster was forced to consider a lucrative offer in the British Superbike series but is now pleased to have secured his place in Grand Prix.

"We went into the New Year still torn between going to BSB or staying in GP's for another year," said Davies. "And now I'm pleased to say that I'll be in GP's for another year with Aprilia Germany once again."

Davies took top six finishes in the final two rounds of 2004 on antiquated machinery and is hoping technical improvements can help him to challenge the factory riders this season.

"We had an e-mail just as we came into the New Year from my team manager Dieter Stappert and he said that he is still pushing Aprilia for some slightly better engine bits rather than just the standard kit so we're still a bit unsure of the outcome of that.

"I'll definitely be getting a newer chassis which is from 2003. My previous chassis was from '98 and now they are going to retire it to a museum as it's rotting away! Only joking! I don't know how good the chassis was or how bad it was, because, I've never tried anything else, but I'm looking forward to trying something a bit newer.

"Apart from that everything else is much the same. At the moment we're still sorting out leather and boots deals, which shouldn't be too much longer. I'll be with Nolan helmets for the third year in succession. They give very good support at the races and are bringing out a new helmet for this year, which they say is very good so I'm also looking forward to trying that.

"My first test will be in Jerez on the 24th of this month and I'm eager to get back on the bike now. My team-mate is a new guy from Columbia called Martin Cardenas who I don't really know a great deal about.

"Between now and the 24th I don't have too much planned. I'll keep ticking away the miles on my mountain bike and also get out on my supermoto when all the wind and rough weather dies down.

"I've just finished editing the video of my last days at school for all my mates. For the last couple of weeks when I was in school I took in my video camera and got plenty of footage and made a pretty decent video of it all. It's only taken two years! Plenty of the usual school terrorising antics going on and I'm hoping that none of my previous teachers ever see it!"

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