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Marino Laghi pleased with Biaggi's progress

Marino Laghi pleased with Biaggi's progress

Marino Laghi pleased with Biaggi's progress

Max Biaggi's physiotherapist Marino Laghi says that the decision to take the Italian to a special clinic in France for treatment on his broken ankle was the key to his swift return to action at HRC's first test of the preseason in Malaysia.

Biaggi only sustained the injury in November but surprised onlookers at the Sepang circuit as he hopped on to the factory RC211V and kept pace with the leading riders over all three days of the test.

"The astragalus is a very delicate bone, similar to the scaphoid," explained Laghi. "It gets very little blood flow and that's why it can be slow to heal. Along with Doctor Costa we decided on a line of special treatment, which meant an operation in Lyon by Professor Coillard, who is an expert in the field. We then put together our own programme which has led to these results.

"Only the bike and the medical updates could tell us how the foot really was. The medical was perfect and the bike confirmed that his foot is gradually getting better.

"I think that when the championship starts he'll be ready. He was already competitive and it's only the first test. He felt a bit of pain when he was riding but that's normal – most people would still have their foot in a pot and he's out there riding a motorcycle. He's not even taking painkillers so for us that's the sign of a job well done."

For Biaggi the test was the light at the end of the tunnel after a dark winter clouded by uncertainty over whether he would be fit to ride. "The good thing about this test session is that I was here and I was among the fastest riders," he said. "Believe me, I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I started trusting my ankle only after 25 or 30 laps.

"At the same time, I knew that there wasn't too much time and there was a lot of work to do. Thank God, I wasn't without the strength and the determination to make it.

"During all the test days I've never left the circuit before 10 p.m. Would you believe me if I told you that I was the one who closed the track gate? Of course, HRC team led by Erv Kanemoto spent all these evenings with me because we all have a common goal: building ‘The Winning Machine'."

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